Miscellaneous August 22, 2018

SKETCH Collective “Element of He” using art to address toxic masculinity


Element of He is a collective and a project of SKETCH that aims to make accessible information regarding toxic racialized masculinity, as well as resources that assist in reducing and/or repairing it.

Scenes from Element of He showcase (above and below) during SKETCH’s Winter Open Studio in March

Since launching in the Fall of 2017 at SKETCH, participants have experienced access to information and perspectives, making human necessities such as consent, accountability, and self-care more sustainable and achievable for participants, who are all POC, male-identified people.

Element of He’s The Good Guise performing at June’s Rad Grad event

The Element of He team in the near future looks to harvest these findings and present them to clients and communities in the form of artistic workshops and performances.The Element of He facilitators, named The Good Guise, recently self-organized a city-wide performance tour in last spring highlighting Racialized Masculinity Month, taking them to community events such as RISE, Dead Poet by Blank Canvas Toronto, and Freedom Fridayz.

It will be a busy 2019 for Element of He as they prepare to release a collection of photostories that will be on our website and gear up for Racialized Masculinity Month in May. Stay tuned!

To learn more about Element of He and The Good Guise, contact julian@sketch.ca.

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