Miscellaneous November 13, 2018

SKETCH launches the BFF Program

By Claire McArthur

What do you look for in a friend? At SKETCH, we look for someone who is socially conscious, a champion of the arts, and a leader in the community. We look for someone who understands and believes in the diverse and creative capabilities of young people who are living homeless, navigating poverty or otherwise on the margins.

Our goal at SKETCH is to fuel imagination, build capacity, and connect to opportunities to live well and lead social change. That’s where the BFF Program comes in.

A shot of a movement workshop at SKETCH

The BFF Program, newly minted in September 2018, is the SKETCH approach to cause marketing. Through this program, we are looking at fostering relationships with corporations who share our values.

What is cause marketing? It’s really cool.

It’s a partnership between a for-profit and a not-for-profit cause through a partnership. Businesses look to cause marketing to help support their community or a cause that relates back to their business. The SKETCH BFF program is curated to help facilitate this. While businesses are encouraged to back SKETCH through a set percentage or dollar amount linked to profit, SKETCH can actively ignite change and tell people about all the amazing support from their BFFs. This could include blog posts, social media campaigns, appearances by SKETCH staff at fundraising events, signage and much more!

SKETCH staff take a ride on Shaw Street thanks to Zipcar’s Artcar partnership with SKETCH

The BFF Program aims at forging friendships and partnerships with a variety of different businesses and organizations. The businesses that lead and initialize change, just like our artists. The businesses that realize it’s more than just profit margin and being in the black that leads to success, it’s how you motivate and build the communities as well.

SKETCH artists pose with their finished paintings at the Van Gogh workshop done in partnerships with VANS

Does your business want to support the arts? Are you a graphic designer who had someone take a chance on you?

Does your business want to help marginalized youth create in a safe space? Maybe this is what you needed once but never had the access.

Do you want to uplift and transform your community?

Let’s talk. BFF bracelets sold separately.

Claire McArthur