Radical Gratitude: Celebrating Youth Leadership in the Arts

By Jonsaba Jabbi

Every June, we take the time to recognize the artistic interventions of young people in our community and end our Spring Artmaking Season with a celebration with our community and the general public.

On June 13, Radical Gratitude will showcase what youth leadership in the arts for social change looks like. Also, we’re celebrating surviving the winter while creating and incubating some radical art!

young man singing in front of a microphone

Young artist performing during Linnertime, our end-of-season Winter community event

The work that will be showcased is made by youth during our spring season in workshops led by youth leaders. Young men of colour explored racialized masculinity through artmaking (The Good Guise), budding musicians learned how to play together in a band setting (The SKETCH Band), avid photographers developed their photography skills in our Lights, Action, Sensor! And we had our first 10-week drag intensive for queer and trans folks! And there’s much more.

We want to showcase the work that is being produced and show how young people lead while thinking about the things we’ve been grateful for. Radical Gratitude is the opportunity to showcase the very essence of what community arts is all about. Interdependence. Collaboration. Mentorship. Mutual Inspiration. An opportunity to appreciate and recognize the different people who have inspired and mentored young people in community arts.

group hug

A group hug during a gratitude circle at last year’s Rad Grad event

As SKETCH Program Coordinator Naty Tremblay puts it, “Come and hear ideas about community-engaged, creative social change activism from rad youth leaders!”

So if you’re curious to see what arts for social change looks like, Radical Gratitude is the place to be this Thursday, June 13 at 6PM.