#ArtTransforms October 18, 2019

#VotingfromtheMargins: Does Voting make a Difference?

By Naty Tremblay

So Canada’s federal elections is a few days away! What are youth saying about it all?

We did a poll with SKETCH participants last week and found that the majority asked believe that voting makes a difference, though most felt disappointed and disillusioned about our political parties and the political system overall. Many voiced concerns about housing, transit, the general cost of living, and especially the climate crisis.


The SKETCH poll!

So we’re sharing a few current resources exploring where candidates & parties stand on the issues that matter to us most:

Any other good resources worth checking out for would-be voters by Monday? Please share with us!

Do you want to vote this Monday but unsure if you can? Contact SKETCH for more information by calling us at 416-516-1559 or drop by our offices anytime between 9AM-5PM on Monday.