#ArtTransforms November 20, 2019

We are here together, before, now and forever: Reflections on Trans Day of Remembrance

By Naty Tremblay

Today is the 20th Anniversary of the International Trans Day of Remembrance, recognized annually on November 20th.

So we want to beam love out to the Trans, Gender Non-Conforming and Two-Spirit folks who work, create, organize and educate with us at SKETCH. We want to acknowledge and honour our Trans staff, guest artists and participants for all that they bring to our community and to the world. And we want to acknowledge all of the immense contributions made by Trans folks to arts, culture, human rights and social justice organizing in Toronto and beyond!


We also want to acknowledge that we still have much work to do as allies and advocates to support our Trans community while aiming to provide inclusive space for Trans young people to make art at SKETCH. We are committed to this ongoing work and we invite our extended community to keep doing this learning and un-learning alongside us.

Early in the new year some of our Trans, Two spirit & Gender Non-Conforming staff will be hosting gatherings for Trans participants to connect, share food & talk about their unique experiences so keep your eyes peeled!

For today, there are many ways you can observe TDoR in Toronto, including tonight’s event at the 519. Also, here’s a small resource created by folks at SKETCH who reflected on what this day means to them.

SKETCH COMMUNITY UPDATE (as of April 2, 2020)

Friends, we hope you are safe and healthy!

SKETCH is taking a pause in its usual programming to respond thoughtfully to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Spring and Summer programs will not happen as originally planned.

We are working to create remote offerings such as live streaming, video workshops, and online referrals support (in particular to connect with funds that can support youth, 16-29, during the pandemic).

We are aiming to have some in-person programs up and running by Fall 2020!

Please stay tuned to our social media accounts for updates. If you have any questions or concerns, email us at info@sketch.ca.


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