Meet Our Music Team

By Paulina O'Kieffe-Anthony

It’s Spring and the Music Program is back in full swing at SKETCH starting April 18! Whether you are looking to brush up on your guitar skills or record a single in the studio, our expert artist facilitators got you covered this season. Meet the team and see what they are offering. 

Program: Music Recording
Facilitator: Evan Vincent

If you have music ready to record you can music in the SKETCH Studios, learn production or use the DJ equipment

Music Recording is facilitated by Evan Vincent. Evan is a musician, DJ, plant lover and curious soul. You’ll find Evan biking around the city on a hot day, working on their street photography or staying up way too late listening to music. Evan loves to travel and record the sights and sounds from adventures around the world.  

To learn more about Evan and find his music on Instagram @_emisiv


The SKETCH Recording studio is ready to welcome musicians, singers, rappers and recording artists of all levels who are ready to lay down their tracks with our expert studio staff. 

This year the program is also welcoming the community to contribute to a redesign of the program to better meet the needs of recording artists who access our studios. We look forward to partnering with new facilitators and offering new creative skill sets. 

Music and recording sessions will be facilitated by community artist, producer, fashionista, mentor, singer, rapper, songwriter and electrifying performer Jane Doe Smith.  Creating on her own terms, Jane shape shifts through multiple boundaries, standing with community while standing out as a deeply original artist.

For the past 10 years, she has collaborated to build the music and fashion brands of So La Ti Doe, MOMxW¥FE, V$OP, while committing to endless nights in the studio honing her craft and catalogue.  Jane has co-authored the Sketch Audio Arts program (Toronto), mentoring young artists living on the margins and jump-starting their careers. Part of that work has included a songwriting tutorial series that invites and inspires emerging music artists to deepen their practice.

You can find more music and fashion from Jane on Instagram @janedoesmithjds and @momxwyfe


Program: Live Jam 
Facilitator: Ben Wood 

The Live Jam program creates a space for musicians of all skill levels to improvise, challenge themselves, take artistic risks, experiment with genre and learn instrument skills in the studio.

Back again to facilitate our ever popular Live Jam Sessions is Ben Wood, a musician and community artist whose short-and-lively songs are rooted in mental health advocacy, creative writing and the tradition of expressing joy and sadness in one breath. Ben hosts the weekly jam at SKETCH and has just wrapped up the second year of an online collaboration program for youth called Dear Ailment.

You can hear Ben’s original songs (almost all of them are under 60 seconds long!) on instagram @weakoldbaby. 


Program: Guitar Lessons
Facilitator: Gabi 

SKETCH’s Guitar lessons welcomes all levels of musicians to come and learn to play guitar or piano in one-on-one sessions with long time facilitator, Gabi. 

Gabi Charron-Merritt (she/they) is a Tkaronto/Toronto-based musician who specializes in guitar, trumpet, singing, composition and music education. Gabi honed their craft in a popular band setting by composing in a variety of genres and performing with a slew of inspiring musicians. She is currently a member of the musical ensembles The Three Glutes, Coral Reefer and Clamaglamza. Gabi improvises, composes and performs music as a soloist under the moniker Ah! La lettre!. They mentor musicians of all ages to explore the language of music. Her work as a musician and as a teacher are intrinsically tied. Gabi values the unexpected nature of musical play and aspires to have an impact upon the culture and education of humans.

To learn more about Gabi and check out her music find her @gabi_bruiser or