Miscellaneous November 1, 2023


By Paulina O'Kieffe-Anthony




In recent weeks, SKETCH has been deeply saddened by the humanitarian crises unfolding in the Middle East and other parts of the world. As an organization dedicated to the transformative power of the arts in resisting all forms of oppression including colonialism, genocide, white supremacy, forced displacement and racism (inc. anti-Arabism, Islamophobia, and Antisemitism), we are committed to amplifying the voices of those seeking justice and peace through their art and creativity. We join these voices in urgently calling for a safeguarding of the rights and safety of all individuals caught in conflicts and for a halt to violence. 

Throughout the past few weeks, our team has come together to provide care and solidarity for one another through discussion about our role as artists, holding space for grief, sharing resources and resistance art, navigating difficult conversations with our communities, and determining action. 

SKETCH stands in solidarity with the young artists who continue to create, despite the ongoing violence and injustices. These young artists are advocates for change through their powerful art, even at the risks of retaliation or being silenced.

We recognize the importance of artistic expression as a means of bearing witness to, documenting, and protesting against injustices and violence. We are witness daily to the transformative power of the arts as a catalyst in change, in processing collective grief and in bringing together communities in times of despair and division.

In this critical moment, SKETCH is reaching out to community organizations and individual artists who are actively involved in creating resistance art to offer access to our spaces, resources, and support

If you are an organization or artist interested in discussing a potential partnership or in need of space or a platform for creative resistance, please email us at info@sketch.ca for more information. 

 For descriptions and photos of our multidisciplinary studios and spaces which include event space, visual arts, screenprinting, music, kitchen, movement studios and more, please visit our Space Rental page. 


In solidarity, SKETCH