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Impacts & Outcomes

This is where you will find all the information about SKETCH’s impact such as annual reports and audited financial statements.

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Key Stats

In 2019, SKETCH was proud to achieve the following results:

“Somehow the stars lined up in just the right way, and like a magnet, SKETCH pulled me into their world, and ever since then I have been able to truly express myself in a safe space where for the FIRST time in my life, my art was shown the love and appreciation it deserves. I cannot name just one individual, it is the whole collective of SKETCH that has brought about the best in so many of us who the world has forgotten. I finally felt seen and witnessed and received the love and positivity that I needed to heal, and it was all because of the leadership, artmaking and strength.” – Artist Participant, 2020

Annual Reports

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“At SKETCH, I found my love for being creative, and my love for art. People here like and appreciate what I draw, and my singing voice too. I’ve gained perspective on what I’m good at. I feel freer now because I was able to play with the art supplies at SKETCH and see amazing ideas come to life. I’ve also learned that I love baking and cooking and learning in SKETCH’s kitchen. I’ve gained skills in everything from how to hold a knife, to food preparation, to time management. As my culinary skills developed, I decided I wanted to get advanced training. Thanks to SKETCH’s relationship with George Brown College, I got accepted to the Assistant Cook Extended Training Program. There are other young people who want to learn new skills at SKETCH and carve a path for themselves out of homelessness and poverty. Folks from all walks of life come to SKETCH to be inspired, or perhaps to find freedom from depression and loneliness through expressing themselves.” – Artist Participant, 2017

Financial Statements