Art in Pandemic

SKETCH celebrates the creativity of young people

SKETCH’s Studios have been closed and we must now re-imagine how to reach out to participants, to help keep them safe, engaged and connected to the community as much as possible during this pandemic.

Art in Pandemic! is a project where SKETCH artists share their artistic practice and process in light of COVID-19.

Through this series we hope to:

  • share artwork that fosters imagination and storytelling;
  • provide artists with valuable paid work during this extremely difficult time (all SKETCH artists get paid for their public performances with SKETCH, and this initiative is no different);
  • offer you insights into the courage, perseverance, and process of our artists.

Your donation will support young people through this critical time.

Thank you for continuing to nurture the transformative power of the arts through this period of instability.

Watch Filipino Multi-media Artist Calm, who has been a part of SKETCH’s artist residency program – Indie Studio, demonstrate how he continues to develop his artistic practice, while in quarantine. Calm specializes in digital collage, film, photography and music (rap). This isn’t the only time that SKETCH has benefited from his artistry. Calm also provided us with this season’s new online program schedule image.







Watch the entire Art in Pandemic series




Paulina O’Kieffe-Anthony is an award winning Toronto writer, performer, arts educator and community advocate. Paulina is a recognized leader in both the social service sector and arts community and is currently the Grants Manager at SKETCH. Paulina is an alumni of the City Leaders Program, a Toronto Community Foundation Vital People Award Recipient and was recognized as one of 150 Black Women Making Herstory (as featured on CBC) for her contribution to building the arts scene in Toronto.




Pree was raised in Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal and went to school in Tkaronto/Toronto. They are a child of immigrant settlers from Punjab. As an artist educator, Pree’s work centres the experiences of individuals who are BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour).

They have an interdisicliplinary arts practice under the name: StickyMangos and they co-founded the Non-Binary Colour Collective. Pree is maintaining their arts practice during the pandemic, and currently working on two research projects, one about improving services for trans youth, and one about making [art] with place.

Ty Sloane



Ty (Tyler J) Sloane (they/them) is a Two-Spirit Non-Binary Mixed Race (Anishinaabe / Chinese / Greek / Irish) multi-disciplinary theatre/performance artist. They aim to emphasize marginalized voices that intersect: race; fluid sexualities; trans, non-binary, and fluid gender expressions; non-monogamous relationships; and class. They’ve explored the aforementioned themes in various disciplines: photography (Light Our Bodies), visual art (Breath On One Land).




Che is a soul singer and songwriter. Her songs are essentially freedom songs, promoting the freedom to love, feel, and live as our truest selves.

Follow her on Instagram @pure.che.

SKETCH COMMUNITY UPDATE (as of May 11, 2020)

We hope you are well and safe during these uncertain times.

SKETCH studios at 180 Shaw Street are closed to public access until further notice as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic. We are committed to opening as health and resources allow.

Check out:

Creating Against the Odds

online experiments May 18-July 10

SKETCH amplifies the creativity and resilient leadership of young people with lived experience of the margins! They can lead us through this pandemic and develop the kind of post-pandemic world we want to live in together!

Check out What's Happening with SKETCH to connect to SKETCH online activities and those of partners and young people.

Check out Art in Pandemic and be inspired.

If you have questions about SKETCH's COVID-19 response plan, please follow us at @SKETCHToronto, and reach out if you have any questions at

For those who can donate during these times, please support young marginalized artists! We need your help more than ever!

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Dear Friends and Investors,

Greetings from the SKETCH Project Home Team! We hope that you and your family are keeping well and safe during this time.

UPDATE: SKETCH is placing the capital campaign to purchase our studios on brief hiatus until the fall.

Our campaign has been a great success so far, with over $370,000 raised in funds and Community Bonds! However, in face of the COVID-19 pandemic, SKETCH is taking action to suspend the campaign to allow the time needed for those excited about our campaign to be in a more secure position to participate.

If you have already donated to the campaign, or purchased SKETCH Community Bonds, we deeply appreciate your commitment to Project Home. If you've just recently submitted your bond-purchase documents, we will still process your investment.

Have any questions about your donations or bond purchase? Please do not hesitate to contact SKETCH Executive Director, Rudy Ruttimann at

This summer, we'll be working with our campaign partners and SKETCH community to determine exactly when we relaunch in the Fall. We'll be sure to keep you posted over the summer.

You can still inquire about SKETCH, our capital campaign, and its progress at or by following us at @SKETCHToronto.

Thank you for your time, and we wish all the best for you and your family.

-The SKETCH Team & Campaign Advisory