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One & Only Artist Market


December 9, 2023 @ 2:00 pm - December 10, 2023 @ 7:00 pm



Join SKETCH this Holiday season for the One & Only Artist Market! 

Experience artworks and shop from over 40 QTBIPOC emerging artists and creators to watch from the SKETCH creative community. Jewelry, ceramics, apparel, handmade books, stickers, zines and more. 100% of proceeds from all sales go directly to the artists.

December 9 & 10, 2-7pm

SKETCH Studios – 180 Shaw Street, lower level

Open to the public! Free entry, suggested donation $10 at the door

Visit here to check out some of our featured artists or follow @sketchtoronto for more information!


Cover artwork: cat dropping cats and cats worshipping cats by dairysam (@dairy.sam)



Maker Meyao @makermeyao

Chris is an art adventurer who hopes their work makes them and someone else
laugh. Their work centers exploring and sharing their joy, usually sketching or
doodling something silly, or what they like. At the One+Only Market, they’ll have
ceramics, stickers, bookmarks, and maybe a couple of zines.


Good Looks Artistry @goodlooksartistry

Priscilla specializes in Metalsmithing/Silversmithing, utilizing metals to encapsulate
raw stones and earth materials, showcasing their unique beauty through the creation
of handmade spiritual artifacts. These exquisite pieces can be worn as necklaces,
rings, or customized to fulfill the desires of individual consumers. Working with metal
allows Priscilla to engage in the alchemical process of transformation—immersing it
in flames, tempering it with water, shaping it with force, and allowing oxidation to
naturally enhance its texture over time.


Art by Olympia @artbyolympia

Olympia Lynn Trypis is a queer self-taught multidisciplinary artist and activist inspired by nature and social justice.


Dairy Sam @dairy.sam

Sam is a multi-media/multi-disciplinary artist from Toronto. “I moved to Canada 7 years ago! I am Brown, Queer and Disabled. A lot of those identities come up in my storytelling! I love storytelling, using characters, colors, and surreal visuals. I use many mediums, such as painting, illustration, print and zines, ceramics, poetry, textiles, digital such as film and animation, and am learning even more new mediums!” They are also the brilliant artist behind the event’s cover image.


Sapphira @thamusicmystic

Sapphira is  a physically disabled, neurodivergent Queer black femme from Toronto, Canada, and a multifaceted artist with a celestial twist. She says, “I possess a unique talent as a Tarot and Oracle reader. I’m an astrologer and numerologist with a desire to weave these divination arts into my practice. I’m publishing my first Oracle deck for commercial use, sharing my intuitive insights with the world. Through my music, my cards, and my astro exploration, I strive to weave tales of love and healing. My journey is not just a melody but a symphony of artistic pursuits, awaiting your eager ears and open hearts.”

Silkfang @silkfang

Silkfang is created by E Li, an artist and filmmaker traversing queer, trans, and racialized identity politics. His work gestures towards a horizon defined by the radical embodiment of queer, disabled, racialized lives. Studied in filmmaking, he works in video, as well as in graphic design. As a genderqueer Chinese artist, he strives to expand creative growth opportunity for queer, Asian, and otherwise marginalized communities.


Sun @lilsun.draws

Sun is a wiggly inter-dimensional being in this wiggly world. They are a Neurodivergent, Nonbinary, Queer Tamil Artist, Illustrator, and Graphic Designer born in SRN Puram, Tamil Nadu, raised in Scarborough. They work with a multitude of media to create visual representations of their lived experiences, musings, and feelings. The crafts they are most experienced with are drawing and painting both traditionally and digitally, as well as sculpting. Sun’s work is heavily inspired by their Tamil heritage, nature, and their relationship with all beings. They love to help others and wish to make the world a better place through their work and interactions. Sun works with a variety of groups to paint beautiful murals, clay sculptures, and design websites & graphics for small businesses and community groups.


Whitney’s World @whitney_c_

Whitney is a multifaceted artist with career aspirations of expressing creativity through various art forms . She’ll be vending paintings on canvas, glass and denim fashion, plus knitted bags and jewelry.




Artscape YoungPlace

180 Shaw St
Toronto, Ontario M6J 2W5 Canada