Arts Leadership

Career Mentorship and training in community-engaged arts & arts education

Shared Platform

SKETCH supports arts and culture initiatives that prioritize young people with lived experience on the margins, to be leaders in their communities


NextUp! Leaders Lab

A 12-month pilot co-learning initiative beginning April 2021 involving training, mentorship, and skills exchange that supports young racialized arts leaders and managers age 18-35, with a priority on those identifying as Black and Indigenous, strategically leading their own arts initiatives and preparing for senior-level positions in the arts & culture sector.


Community Arts Engaged Incubator

A mentorship and professional development program in which SKETCH platforms community-based creative workshop series led by youth.


Youth Ambassadors

The Youth Ambassador program will engage 10 young people and work towards creating more meaningful processes of storytelling at SKETCH, by providing artists the opportunity to direct their own narratives within our larger fundraising framework.