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Towards Youth: a play on radical hope by Project Humanity. Featuring: Stephen Jackman-Torkoff, Loretta You, and Aldrin Bundoc.  Photo Credit: Aleksandar Antonijevic.

SKETCH supports initiatives that prioritize young people with lived experience on the margins, to be leaders in their communities. These initiatives address systemic barriers and increase access in marginalized communities to equitable opportunities in arts and culture. We offer charitable governance, fiscal and legal responsibility, mentorship, coaching and support in project development, admin and management. Check out programming from each Initiative, below!


Please note: The Shared Platform is not currently accepting new organizations.


ArtReach: Funding and professional development for community-based arts initiatives that engage youth from under-served populations who have experienced exclusion. Email, grants calendar, Feb 1st grant application deadline every year! 


GetReal Movement: Focused on combatting 2SLGBTQ+ discrimination and promoting acceptance in schools, summer camps, and workplaces. @getrealmovement


Good Guise: A social enterprise creating accessible conversations on male accountability, for BIPOC men to reimagine what racialized masculinity means to them. @goodguise 


Just Over Music: Music Links: Music industry incubator for youth. Check out EPK Campaign on Instagram! @musiclinksus


Project: Humanity: Socially-engaged theatre programming. @prjct_humanity


Rainbow’s Pride in Scarborough: Arts-based programming and Pride events for LGBTQ* youth with disabilities in Scarborough. Email


Auntie’s Place: encouraging healthy relationship building between young parents and their children through the mentorship of Elders, Knowledge Keepers and other community members. Email

Groups on the Shared Platform

A logo with text that reads Digi in the colours teal blue and Zine in the colour black
A logo with text that reads Digi in the colours teal blue and Zine in the colour black

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