Community Agreements

Our programs – whether they’re in studio, online, outside or at partner spaces – are shared spaces where everyone’s fabulosity is welcome and needed.

If these community responsibilities aren’t being respected, come talk to a Program Host or other staff person, or email

Negotiation, Harmony & Coexistence: Consider how your words, experiences, perspectives, actions and artistic expressions might impact others. Understand that your intention is not always the same as your impact. Use strategies that reduce harm and encourage healthy relationships.

Be Yourself: Strengthen and share your unique voice and perspectives. Ask for what you need and we will work together to support you. Share your pronouns and learn other peoples’ pronouns. Accept people as they are. Share your ideas and ask for what you need to create art.

Take Care of Each Other: We all are doing our best to keep ourselves and each other safe. Wear a mask indoors, covering your nose and mouth, unless you have a health reason not to. Do not attend in-person if you have symptoms. SKETCH has air filters onsite, plus offers PPE, including KN95 and COVID tests. Some people face lower levels of risk, while others are at higher levels of risk, including but not limited to people who are immuno-suppressed. Respect peoples’ cautions, including social distancing and respecting what others are not comfortable with.

Consent: Consent should be informed, enthusiastic, and ongoing. Ask first, before touching, hugging, commenting on peoples’ bodies, belongings, or artwork, or taking photos or screenshots. We encourage you to articulate your boundaries to others, listen to each other, and remember that boundaries can change – yours and other peoples’.

Respect Resources: SKETCH is located on territories guided by the Dish with One Spoon wampum agreement, which asks us to take only what we need, leave some for everybody else, and care well for it. The spaces, materials, tools and food at SKETCH are meant to be shared with everyone. Take what you need, don’t waste, and help others get what they need too! Put things back where you found them, support clean ups and use materials safely. Be mindful of how much time and space you are taking up in physical and digital spaces. 

Address Discrimination: We invite everyone’s courage and compassion in this work! To address each other’s needs and differences we all need to communicate and strategize respectfully. We will address any violence or harm that is rooted in internalized, interpersonal or systemic discrimination, which disproportionately impacts queer and Trans, Black, Indigenous, racialized and disabled communities. We are all learning and unlearning – but this should never be at the expense of someone else’s safety. 

If we learn that someone is being harmful at SKETCH towards an artist or staff person, we will have conversations and work to create a safer and creative environment. Depending on the circumstances, we might ask someone to leave for the day, the season, or longer, and have conversations with staff before returning. We will not tolerate any physical violence or threats, including jokes or implied threats – this will result in the person being asked to leave, and will be brought to Leadership. If you have concerns please speak to staff.

Transformative Justice: We aim to understand and address the root causes of conflict and the power dynamics involved. We work closely with all parties to determine a way to move forward where we can all create art and be our full selves. It’s not a straight line and it can take time. We might at times have uncomfortable conversations, but we will enter into them with care, honesty and a desire to learn from each other.

Harm Reduction: We work from a harm reduction framework, which aims to minimize judgment and recognize individual autonomy by understanding that people are capable of making the best decisions for themselves. It provides access to information and supplies in order to minimize potential risks with drug use. SKETCH has access to harm reduction supplies and naloxone in the comfort care cabinet, and sharps disposal bins in the washrooms.

We care deeply about how we all work together and want to hear from you! If these community responsibilities aren’t being respected, come talk to us! We care deeply about how we all work together and want to hear from you!