Current Session

SKETCH Programs are now closed.

Our tentative date for our Spring Season is Tuesday, April 14. This may change due to the growing COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are community resources created by SKETCH and our community members:

Community Care Resources for the SKETCH Community

External Programs & Resources active during COVID-19

We are joining the efforts to slow down the spread of the virus as well as lessen the burden on our health care system. Artscape Youngplace (AYP) has closed the building in which SKETCH resides until April 6, and for now, we have also closed our sites at 180 Shaw Street effective from March 17 until April 6.

We are staying in touch as a team weekly, to discern our re-open date depending on updates and recommendations from Public Health and in partnership with AYP.

We are also all adjusting our approaches to and timing of key events, activities and programs, especially those that involve participants, students, volunteers, partners, and the public. All events that were planned from March 17 to April 6 will be postponed for now. Thank you to those who have been working hard to prepare for them. These events are important to us and we want to see them happen!

 We want you to know that SKETCH staff are currently adjusting their work schedules to work remotely as much as possible and will generally be accessible by email during business hours. For the time being, we will not be engaging in work-related face-to-face activities or travel. Instead, over the coming days, we will be adapting our activities using online platforms and other innovative means.

During these days we will aim to send out weekly updates to our community to stay in touch and connected. Please reach out if you have any questions. 

Stay well and keep SKETCH in your thoughts.



All SKETCH Studio Programs are FREE!

Most are DROP IN, but a few ask for you to sign up!

There are currently no active workshops. Please check back at a later date.