A Black Artist Showcase


To live is to create and to create is to story-tell.

Colour Palette is a collection of works that explore many mediums of storytelling. These mediums reveal the varied histories of each artist, from birth, to pain, to joy, to self-discovery, to death, and beyond. See, hear, acknowledge, and share in these stories. Immerse yourself in the narratives of these Black artists; hear them, see them; feel them, be part of their story!

Back Story

In March 2020, Indie Studio residents with SKETCH were busily finishing up their projects to showcase their work at the Colour Palette winter event that they co-curated when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. The show was put on hold. During this past year, while adjusting to many things, the exhibiting artists have been taking the time to regroup and pivot this exhibition from in-person to online. This important work deserves an audience. SKETCH is thrilled to launch its first online gallery with this exclusive inaugural showcase exhibition.

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Featured Artists

Alia Ettienne
Ashley T
Atieno Miguna
Kanna Anigbogu
Kelita Braithwaite
La-Vane Kelly
Nnamdi (Dre) Anozie
Pogi the Artist
Rosie Monday

Colour Palette will be OPEN until the end of March 2021