Two musicians performing on a stage


A curated hashtag playlist highlighting the amazing music coming out of the SKETCH Music program. Take a listen below to music from both current SKETCH musicians, artists and alumni.

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shn shn – silk


Borelson – Fearless

Ayrah Taerb feat. Radha & Phoenesse – Blackberry Eukharist


Ayrah Taerb feat. Knwhere – Pagan Child

BALU – Body Talk

Dynesti – Real in the Field

Dynesti – 60 Days Notice

Oddane Taylor – Team Stay Winning (feat. Mxi Ultra)

Oddane Taylor – Say You Know Me/Long Gone

Oddane Taylor – Feels Like I’m Dreaming


Se’lah Genesis – I Don’t Mind

Rosie Monday – Party By Myself

Yeri – Instagram (feat. Ziad)