The Commons: Public Space, Public Art


When imagining future public spaces, cities and homes, these artists offer reflections of current concerns and issues. They reconsider what is needed for communities and spaces to not only just subsist but to thrive.


In partnership with DesignTO Youth, a program offering young artists access to creative disciplines and professionals, SKETCH artists participated in a 6 week residency that culminated in an exhibition at DesignTO’s annual festival. In this residency, they focused on imagining ideal futures for public space, cities and homes using their distinct observations, critical thinking and creativity.

Lead by Amanda Low, Deborah Wang (DesignTO,) Sarah Couture McPhail, and Ty Sloane (SKETCH,) artists were given opportunities to engage with and discuss civic issues and public space through tours, talks and workshops. The program offered a guided tour of The Bentway with co-executive director Ilana Altman and Public Space fellow Gelila Mekonnen, an artist talk with Ekow Nimako, a guided tour of Stackt Market with founder Matt Rubinoff and architect Janna Levitt, and an empathy mapping workshop with Ryan Lo from Urban Minds.

All photographs used in this gallery were taken by Christine Lim, courtesy of DesignTO.

Featured Artists

Aidan Dolan
Danielle Tullo
Lana Yuan
Maneesa Veeravel
Priya “Pree” Rehal
Sol Amarillo

The Commons: Public Space, Public Art will be Online until December 31, 2021