Special Projects

Arts & Transformative Justice


In our commitment to meaningfully engage diverse young people who live homeless, or on the margins and navigate poverty, SKETCH has been steadily developing Transformative Justice (TJ) resources and approaches in our programming.


Historically, Transformative Justice strategies were developed as a response to the criminal justice system in the US.  TJ seeks to go further than Restorative Justice practices as it not only evaluates the reasons why crime happens while seeking to repair any harms that were created by the crime, it also attempts to create an environment where these harms won’t be repeated in the future.

For SKETCH, Transformative Justice Practice (TJ) is a process that aims to include the voices of everyone impacted by a particular conflict, working to identify the harms that have been caused and understanding the conditions that led up to that conflict. We aim to craft community-informed strategies wherever possible in response to conflict. This is an incomplete and ongoing process that has evolved over time that includes the input of many young change makers and community leaders participating at SKETCH.

Current Preventative TJ processes at SKETCH include:

  • Offering preventative strategies like providing accessible food, art making, and a place to just be
  • Space Hosts to welcome community, accommodate access needs and address issues as they arise using harm-reduction and de-escalation skills
  • Inviting participants to learn about our community agreements and offering various entry points and tools to learn together
  • Acknowledging that conflict and harm will happen and providing space, strategies & supports for community members to negotiate through it together.

SKETCH TJ Resources include:

  • Working with community leaders like Peacebuilders, Rittenhouse & Justice for Children and Youth to provide consultations, lead trainings and share resources and best practices.
  • Providing trainings, programs and discussions with community that focus on building capacity to articulate our needs and boundaries, to seek consent, to build community & organize around social justice issues and negotiate conflicts.
  • Providing weekly space for community members to talk about conflicts and issues that arise in our communities and generate strategies together.
  • Maintaining a TJ Staff Team that meets weekly to generate resources, build partnerships, support youth leaders and strategize as needed.
  • Tj graphics throughout our spaces that offer visual teaching aids.

Contact info@sketch.ca for more information or get involved!