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The Good Guise / Element of HE



The Good Guise / Element of He is a project of SKETCH Working Arts that exists to explore and promote healthy expressions of racialized masculinity.

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Beginning in the Fall of 2017, it provided the space for young men working to make the concepts of consent, accountability, health, fragility and transformative justice more accessible. They worked through expression, using visual arts, spoken word, dance, music performance and skill building.

Out of the Element of He sessions came The Good Guise, a collective of male-identified artists that exist to explore and promote healthy expressions of racialized masculinity.

The Good Guise learnt over the course of the program that men are part of both the problem and the solution, and that having healthy and sustainable intimacy requires being open to difficult conversations.

Community Involvement

Element of He is a movement in Toronto of activists, artists, and community workers fighting to raise awareness and create positive work around healthy racialized masculinity. It is not a fight in isolation, but one that is community-centered and strives to break down the barriers that prevent access to support and education.

This Summer, the Good Guise collective will be out in the community organizing field trips to fun events all over Toronto!

The Good Guise Group

Element of He is generously supported by:

Ontario Trillium Foundation
Ontario Trillium Foundation