Public Art Projects


These projects are part of the ArtworxTO: Year of Public Art launching the city’s ten-year public art strategy. Two installations will move around the city. Three installations will be produced in partnership with The Bentway exploring the underside of the Gardiner Expressway and the rich history of movement, city ordinance, infrastructure, transient housing, and consistent (re)mappings of culture. We intend to ensure the voices of those marginalized and the histories that have been remapped repeatedly are noticed and part of the palimpsestic place-making under the expressway.

Inspired by My Public Living Room Research Project in  2014 


Intimate and supportive spaces are redesigned in pods of care, vulnerability and leadership. Hosted by the Good Guise, a community engagement process informs an iterative public sculpture to connect with online stories, animations, tools and workshops. Sites to be announced.

Stay tuned for a link to learn more about My Public Living Room.

Animate Your Life

Young parents connect and contribute to participatory research, creating digital stop animation pieces and public messaging for outdoor projections. This project is done in partnership with Planned Parenthood, St. Mike’s Hospital and College Montrose Children’s Place with partial funding support of SSHRC.

Stay tuned for a link to learn more about Animate your Life.


Inspired by Weave and Mend Garden

A tactile land-based and digital art sculpture will weave together wood, plants, medicine, text, story and imagery with audio and digital inflections, as an inclusive community resting and gathering space that welcomes and nurtures Queer and 2Spirit young people.

Stay tuned for a link to learn more about Queering Spaces

Ayrab Taerb, Photo from Dispatches part of the Toronto Biennale of Art 2019

Indica Omega

This Is A Performance Installation That Uses The Acoustics Of The Gardiner Structure To Evoke A Stark Multi-Sensory Experience Of Precarity, Transience, & Solitude. Vulnerable Lyricism Explores Personal Relationships With Creativity, Self-Care, Romance & Drug Use/Abuse, Featuring A Soundbed That Samples Claude Debussy’s Reverie. The Masterpiece Launches Creative, Artistic, Community Based Consolations Of Creativity, Mental Health, & Addiction, Contextualized Within The Scope Of This City.

To Further Amplify The Energetic Intensity Of The Installation’s Backdrop, Committed Observers Will Be Invited To Become Active Participants By Sitting The Full Experience As A Guided Meditation.

Stay tuned for a link to learn more about Indica Omega

Photo courtesy of Julian Diego


Intended as place-based audio theatre and multimedia sculptural installation, this project aims to artfully archive and animate transient stories under the Gardiner Expressway celebrating the creative contributions of those navigating homelessness and displacement.

Communities have made homes on this site for at least 15,000 years. This installation will consider voices from the traditional holders of this territory, who include the Wendat, Petun, Haudenosaunee, the Seneca and the Mississaugas of the Credit River to create context for waves of marginalized persons that have since occupied that space.

Stay tuned for a link to learn more about Reconstructions of Home