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Indica; Omega is a dissertation on the subject of Black expression through which Artist Ayrah Taerb delivers a performance installation that manifests as a platform for the identically titled album, featuring original music that explores a density of intersecting concepts.

Black Creativity, Black Marginalization, Black Harm Reduction, and Black Mental Health all find their way to the forefront of his subject matter throughout the mid-length LP that both shocks and intrigues listeners who seek to genuinely interact with Blackness as it presents itself in pop culture.

“Indica; Omega, Documents My experience in this city at the intersections between poverty and genius: complexity and culture; the speed of capitalism versus the stillness of humanity.” – Ayrah Taerb

Photo by Xeynamay

Performance Installation: October 7, 2021

As part of ArtworxTO: Toronto’s Year of Public Art 2021-2022

This installation will evoke a multi-sensory experience of precarity, transience, & solitude. Vulnerable lyricism explores personal relationships with creativity, self-care, romance & drug use/abuse, featuring a sound bed that samples Claude Debussy’s Reverie.

To further amplify the energetic intensity of the installation’s backdrop, committed observers will be invited to become active participants by sitting the full experience as a guided meditation.

Installation Story

The installation aims to provide the audience with a window into the mind of a marginalized creative genius; answering the question: “What goes through the mind of an artist as they commit themselves to making masterpieces on the sidewalk for pocket change?”

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“As an Artist, overcommitment has made me both expansive and ignorant.  It has allowed me to go where nobody else will go, and also influenced me to push past boundaries that have made me inaccessible to the ones Ay love.  This installation takes a look at the beautiful and painful consequences of the creative commitments Ay have made.”


Photo by Xeynamay

Ayrah checking out Metropolitan United Church for Master installation filmshoot for late summer.

Artist Team

Creative Lead and Co-Executive Producer

Ayrah Taerb

Executive Team

Xeynamay Gezahegn

Shaniqua Roberts

CHMST / Dantoni Mortimore