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Photo by Jahmal Nugent

What makes a place “Queer”? What does “queering space” look like? Is it a mark, a gesture, a flag, a story, a feeling? What characteristics of place bring queer people together? Though Queer communities often lack access & resources to regularly inhabit natural places, they have a long history of doing so, somewhere between the public and private. What are the characteristics of queer plants? Where & how does queerness show up in biodiverse ecosystems?

Installation Story

Queering Place proposes a tactile land-based and digital art installation weaving together natural materials, plants, medicines, text, story and imagery with audio and digital inflections, as an inclusive community resting and gathering space that welcomes and nurtures Queer, Trans and 2Spirit young people while critically and creatively exploring the roots of Queer* identity & ecology.

Photo by Jahmal Nugent

Queering Place Artists in Residence will plant and tend a medicine wheel garden in collaboration with the Force Field Indigiqueer art installation in the Garrison Commons, part of the Historic Fort York grounds, curated by Logan MacDonald for the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival.

Visit the exhibition and learn more about Force Field by clicking the button here: VIEW



As part of ArtworxTO: Toronto’s Year of Public Art 2021-2022

Photo by Jahmal Nugent

Photo by Jahmal Nugent


June rough drafts – Designing the creation of spaces for artful inQueery & queer convenings that radiate around a medicine wheel garden, honouring the cardinal directions, natural elements & our wild relatives, and amplifying the indigi-queer Force Field within the Garrison Commons site.

Artist Team

Creative Lead: Naty Tremblay

Co-Lead: Ty Sloane


Madeleine Lychek

Em Dial

Bert Whitecrow

Zephyr McKenna

Pogi The Artist

The Noise Witch


Blu Waters, Elder and Mentor

Lisa Myers, Curatorial Mentor


Naty Tremblay

Naty Tremblay believes deeply in the radical & transformative power

of the arts leveraged for community rooted education, organizing, healing and visioning. Naty’s experiences as an identical twin, a poor muskrat french-metis farmer, a rambler, and a gender-queer feminist have greatly shaped their creative social change practices. Naty has co-created a broad body of interactive multi-media stories, performances & workshops, gatherings & community-engaged artworks exploring identity & power, regenerative reciprocity, healing justice & magics of the natural world. Naty has a BA of Integrated Media for Social Change from OCADU.

They co-founded the Xpace artist-run center & The People Project, an organization doing creative activism with LGBTQ youth. Naty has coordinated media, community arts & transformative justice programs at SKETCH Working Arts for 8+ years, building creative leadership capacity with poor young people. Naty is the Executive Director of Rittenhouse: A New Vision, Canada’s oldest abolitionist organization, supporting Transformative Justice capacity building with communities impacted by violence & criminalization.

They are a proud member of the Drawing with Knives shadow puppetry troupe, The Switch Collective – creating political multi-media street performance, and the Trans Healing Arts Collective – visioning spaces that center the healing & creativity of Trans* peoples.

Ty Sloane

Tyler J Sloane (They/Them) is a multidisciplinary performance artist. Their art emphasizes marginalized voices that intersect mixed-race and queer identity. They are currently the Performance Arts Artist Associate with SKETCH Working Arts running the Queering Place residency with Naty Tremblay, the In-Conversation Series Buddies In Bad Times Project host with LeZlie Lee Kam at Buddies In Bad Times Theatre Company, and also the Education and Mentorship Director at Elevate Equity.

Instagram: @tylerjsloane

Maddie Lychek


Madeleine Lychek is a Filipino-Canadian queer performance and video artist. She uses social media as a digital playground to engage with conversations surrounding power and play, exploring how a body and it’s consumption can be used as a radical act of self-discovery.

Em Dial

Em Dial (she/they) is a queer, non-binary, multiracial, chronically ill grower, poet, and educator, who was born and raised on Ohlone lands, in what is currently known as the San Francisco Bay Area in California. Their work plays against the idea of the (un)natural, with words and seeds rooted in histories of resistance and nourished by communities of care.

In addition to working with organizations like CommunityGrows and Black Creek Community Farm to increase access to growing space and food sovereignty, Em is also a 2022 Kundiman Fellow and a recipient of the 2020 PEN Canada New Voices Award and the 2019 Mary C. Mohr Poetry Award.

Bert Whitecrow

Bert Whitecrow is a 2 Spirited, Anishinaabe multidisciplinary artist from Seine River First Nation. Their work explores themes of healing, preserving and practicing ancestral knowledge. As a conceptual artist, Bert works with a variety of media, often combining traditional and unconventional materials.

They are a member of MilkWeed collective, which is a mixed Indigenous collective that focuses on building relationships with Indigenous communities through art making workshops, facilitated conversation and permaculture. Bert is currently attending the Indigenous Visual Cultures program at OCAD University and plans to graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in April 2022.

Zephyr McKenna

I’m an urban Anishinaabe and Lunaape Two-Spirit person with relatives from Alderville and Munsee Delaware First Nations, as well as Irish, Scottish, and English ancestry. Illustration and animation are the mediums I feel most at home with, but I’m very much a multidisciplinary artist, and love finding connections between varying and unconventional mediums.

I’m currently studying 3D modelling and animation in George Brown College’s Game Art program, building skills to create games and other digital media that focus on language revitalization, celebrating two spirit stories, and imagining Indigenous futures.

Pogi the Artist

At heart, I am an abstract and conceptual artist, with a style influenced by graffiti and realism. I like to bend the rules, but not break them, with my work exploring spaces between traditional and non-traditional styles and perspectives. On the surface, my quick work consists of images of coffee, vices, brick walls, and tunnels abstractly morphed together with nature and concrete structures. In depth, often through journaling and sketching, my work explores ambiguity, space, and “finding home.”

Poetry and music also help me express these depths in nuanced ways. If I had more space, I would further explore these concepts through relevant large scale paintings, sculptures, and installations. Currently, I’m exploring my style of painting more deeply, researching and experimenting with more ways to develop my creations through materials, mediums and concepts.

The Noise Witch

The Noise Witch is a multi-disciplinary creative with a focus on music performance and art direction. Their art is inspired by drag, burlesque and experimentation within digital media. They are a practicing Reiki Master, Teacher, Tarot reader, and Astrologer, with a focus on Ancestral healing and reclamation. Their work is centred around decolonization, healing, Trans rights, sexuality and Spirituality, while also aiming to provide joy and inspiration for those experiencing their offerings.