Art Salon

A SKETCH Artist Leads the FORREC Staff Through Meditative Movement!

Art Salons are an exciting way to engage your team, conference guests or clients through online art workshops or captivating live concerts – all hosted by SKETCH artists!

On May 5th, over 20 employees from experience design firm FORREC gathered over Zoom for some meditative movement led by SKETCH artist Claudia Liz (she/they)! Through this 60min workshop, aptly titled Moving Through Serenity, Claudia used their practice to reconnect people with their imagination as a tool for healing the body and spirit.

Claudia’s creativity stretches beyond movement, as they also hold the title of visual artist, actor, writer, and filmmaker. Through each discipline, Claudia draws from the body as the ultimate source of inspiration – blending surrealism, naturalism, abstract, and the fantastical to unpack the relationship between mind, body and spirit.

While taking place over Zoom, our friends at FORREC felt transported:

“Our team was transported to a tropical beach with waves running through our sandy toes during our incredibly relaxing Movement & Meditation Workshop Art Salon experience! It was an event beyond our expectations that took us out of our mid-day funks and returned us back in front of our computers with relaxed minds, bodies and souls. Highly recommended!”

For more of Claudia’s work, check out @ClaudiaLiz_Artist on Instagram!

SKETCH is thankful to be using creativity to engage communities alongside the unwavering support of FORREC! No stranger to the organization, they’ve been championing SKETCH for nearly 5 years. Here they are in 2018 preparing meals for young people at SKETCH, through our employee engagement program Nourish!

While staff continue to work from home, Art Salons give you the opportunity to boost team building, explore and free up creativity, destress teams, and show some appreciation! They’re also a great way to strengthen your CSR initiatives: by supporting SKETCH your Art Salon host gains valuable facilitation and leadership skills.

Learn what an Art Salon can do for your organization by downloading our brochure or getting in touch with!