Art Salon

BDP Quadrangle makes zines in a workshop led by Pree!

Art Salons are fun and interactive online workshops or concerts that you can host for your friends or colleagues. Whether a fun-night in or a creative break from work, Art Salons provide the opportunity to connect with your community while supporting young artists.

On December 15th, SKETCH artist, organizer and educator Pree led BDP Quadrangle, an architecture firm designing for inclusivity and sustainability, in a zine making workshop over Zoom. 

“Art Salon hosted by Sketch was a great event for our Emerging Leaders Network and community. The team was extremely organized, engaging, and easy to work with! Pree Rehal did a great job of leading the Art Salon which featured zine making and gave excellent instruction and examples.  We would definitely do another Art Salon with SKETCH again!”

 Marcella Au and Elle Thomas, BPD Quadrangle

Money raised through Quadrangle’s Art Salon was put towards SKETCH’s Spotlight Scholarships for Black Artists. Through these scholarships, racialized young people at SKETCH will be connected to professional development opportunities including industry workshops and 1:1 mentorship.

The importance of mentorship, especially for Black young people, is heavily championed by Quadrangle’s Osemelu Airewele. On November 20th, the England-born architect spoke to his experiences as a mentor, in our panel event SKETCHTalks. 

“Enthusiasm transcends your role as a mentor, it should be there from day one.”

Thank you to Quadrangle for supporting tomorrow’s leaders, today! And immense appreciation to Pree, for sharing their arts practice and facilitation skills with SKETCH and Quadrangle. 

You can hold an Art Salon too! If you’re interested in hosting an interactive and artistic experience for your friends or colleagues, contact