Throw A Fundraiser

Host fun, engaging fundraisers to support SKETCH!

Collaborate with friends, family or co-workers and turn any birthday, staff party, or online get-together into a fundraiser that brings free, arts-based skill-building programs to life.

Your SKETCH fundraiser will positively impact local youth by supporting arts-based skill-building workshops and leadership opportunities. And SKETCH is always happy to share your event promotions on our channels as well!

How can your family, friends or team fundraise?

  • Host ticketed online concerts or workshops
  • Staff 50-50 draws or auctions
  • Online personal fundraising platforms
  • Donation call to action at online events or seminars

Throw your own fundraiser today by contacting

Individual Campaign

Throw your own individual campaign in support of SKETCH!

To learn more, contact Dale Roy at

SKETCH cannot co-organize, present at, or provide art for fundraisers, however we have the Media Kit that has all the info you need to make your fundraiser a success.

For more on this, please read our SKETCH Third-Party Agreement in the Media Kit.

Contact for more info.