Fundraising Events

When it comes to fundraising events, SKETCH is inspired by the advocacy and creativity demonstrated by our donor community. From industry-wide gallas to small-group birthday celebrations, SKETCH has been at the receiving end of a diverse collection of innovative and engaging fundraisers.

A few past fundraisers include a speed-painting tournament hosted by Indie88, a silent-auction led by ARIDO (the Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario), a Drake-run poetry slam, and a fashion show organized by students at the Toronto French School.


Art by Designers, hosted by ARIDO, 2019

The closure of our studios due to the emergence of COVID-19 has reinforced the creativity and resiliency inherent within SKETCH. As social distancing measures continue, we see this same adaptability and commitment exhibited by our donor community as they look towards transforming their in-person fundraisers for the digital sphere.

Case in point, this past July the artists behind the podcast Tits and Teeth ran an all-day fundraiser which raised nearly $2,000 for SKETCH! Dance for Impact was an all-day dance class, taught by some of the absolute best from Canada and North America. Running from 10am onwards, participants were given the option to tune in for an hour, or make a day of it!

Interested in throwing a fundraiser to support SKETCH? Find out more on our website or email to chat about how you plan to make an impact through an online fundraiser.