We seek to create meaningful and valuable experiences for our admin, artist, and support volunteers.

Volunteer Roles



Admin volunteers support SKETCH with a specific, short-term project such as social media, graphic design, social enterprise, and good ol’ elbow grease stuff. Whether you’re one person or an HR staff, fill out our form below (under “Join our Roster!”).


Artist Volunteers directly support SKETCH community arts programming, either by facilitating workshops, supporting the coordination of a program, or providing mentorship to SKETCH youth artists. If you want to stay in the loop as an Artist Volunteer, you need to sign up for the volunteer newsletter here, and you’ll be sent an application when we have openings seasonally. The next call-out for artist volunteer applications will be announced this summer.


Placements are college or university students who sign up to support a semester-long project or initiative such as in our community arts programming, program administration, research, and more. You can download the placement application form here and send it to

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