Miscellaneous October 9, 2018

SpaceShare Renters build art leaders


How are local event organizers and entrepreneurs supporting SKETCH?

By renting the space we share–through SpaceShare.

SpaceShare is SKETCH’s rental enterprise. When our arts programs for youth living homeless or on the margins wrap up for the week, we rent out our 7500-square-feet of multi-use studios to the public. If you rent one of our studios for an event, personal project, or workshop, you’re supporting SKETCH programs that benefit young people.

Let’s take a tour of the spaces (and be sure to click on the titles anytime to see the studio layouts, photos and specs!).


The Project Studio

Our 1500-square-foot, ready-for-anything Project studio has supported every kind of event: it’s been rented for private weddings, book launches, and even YMCA day camps. Renters appreciate its adaptability, bright natural lighting and industrial-chic ambiance.

But during SKETCH program hours, that same Project Studio is a vibrant gathering space for visual artists to thrust or drizzle paint to canvas, design funky attire and accessories, or learn the finer points of still-life drawing. Every rental of our Project Studio supports expression and skill building for these artists.


The Kitchen

The industry-grade SKETCH Community Kitchen is the hub for so much culinary entrepreneurialism in the Queen West hood. Drawn to the kitchen’s industrial-grade appliances and 25-foot prep-and-serve bar, foodies, chefs and caterers alike have rented out this fully-equipped space to produce their menus (Last year, one organization cooked and packaged 7,000 donuts over a weekend rental!).

Kitchen rentals do more than delight the public’s palette, they support the growth of tomorrow’s culinary leaders. Youth join our culinary arts team where they learn essential food-prep skills, how to craft nutritious menus, and kitchen-management basics. SKETCH culinary artists have gone on to build industry connections by training at The Drake Commissary and George Brown.


Screen Printing Studio

This studio is 210-square-feet of combined dark room and wet room. A local designer can rent it to produce eye-catching t-shirts or accessories, an event coordinator to mass produce promotional t-shirts and loot bags.

SKETCH artists use it too! Every Tuesday and Wednesday, they learn standard screenprinting techniques and processes that not only put their creative stamp on wearables, but also develop employable skills local designers or textile printers seek.


The Ceramics Studio

Ceramicists rent this 500-square-foot space to lead public workshops or to create their own line of fashionable kitchen ware. It’s easy to do with our all-under-one-roof amenities: kiln, wheel, slab roller and more.

And during SKETCH Program hours? Young people learn to not only hone their ceramics skills and shape sellable pottery pieces, but gain experience in leading corporate workshops (Just this spring, a SKETCH artist facilitated guests from Telus to design a sharing bowl for their corporate office.).


The Slaight Family Studio

This musically bustling space is our fully-equipped audio-recording studio! Local musicians have rented it for rehearsals or cutting demos or albums. Even amateur crooners have rented the space to record love songs for their Valentines.

For young musicians at SKETCH, this studio offers more than just a jamming space. We have emerging music producers that are getting trained to work the recording console. Young people have also recorded professional radio PSAs, and have co-written and co-produced music with established musicians. SKETCH has also offered workshops to help musicians navigate the local music industry.


The Studio B Rehearsal Room

This is a cozy, private 400-square-feet of space for your rehearsal needs! Entrepreneurs rent Studio B to lead their own workshops, actors use it as an intimate rehearsal space, and it’s even sound proofed for vocalists.

During SKETCH hours, artists will book the studio for their own artistic endeavours: rehearsals, performance, collaborations, and meetings. As Studio B is wired up to the Slaight Family Studio audio recording console, SKETCH has trained many young folks in music sampling and production.


Movement Studio

Our movement studio has seen it all– Zumba classes, ballet for tots, yoga and mindfulness workshops, theatrical performances! Performers and workshop professionals love the spring floors, natural lighting, sound system and full-wall mirrors.

When people rent the movement studio, they’re supporting health and wellbeing through active programs like street dance, kung fu, and mindfulness. And during our Open Studio event in winter, spring and fall, SKETCH performers gain leadership skills by leading the public in dance and movement activities.


SpaceShare also has an Industrial Studio for your carpentry projects, and a Digital Media Hall that could be perfect for your next presentation or gathering.

SpaceShare has the friendly staff and studio adaptability to meet your needs. Rent with us and know that you’re also supporting programs for over 1,200 young people who create at SKETCH every year.

Visit us to book a tour or get a quote. Book now as availability is limited.