Art-Making October 24, 2019

Making Public Art in Liberty Village!

By Jacqueline Black

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with the Liberty Village BIA! Seeking to nurture arts and culture within their neighbourhood while fostering community engagement, the Liberty Village BIA reached out to us by way of a mutual friend and supporter, FORREC. The project involves 20 concrete benches and five SKETCH artists: Kaya DaCosta, Ezequiel Morales, Kamika Peters, Rowell Soller, and Amber Williams-King. Earlier this month, the five commissioned artists began painting the benches of Linear Park (on Liberty street from Jefferson to Fraser), transforming four benches each into permanent and site-specific murals. 

Artist Kaya DaCosta working on her benches for their series titled ‘Protectors.’

These benches infuse Liberty Street with a unique vibrancy and narrative. Some of the various themes explored within the murals revolve around human growth, reflection, and healing. The artists illustrate parallels between the past and present, as well as the spiritual and physical world. 

Artist Ezequiel Morales working on one of his benches, for the series titledMetamorphosis.’

The artwork developed for this project highlights the role of public art as a tool for storytelling, and its potential to empower urban growth and renewal. As a platform to professionalize the artistic practices of young artists, the collaboration demonstrates a shared commitment to revitalize neighbourhoods using the voices of the individuals who make up its greater community. The opportunity allows emerging artists to develop their craft in a professional, community-based setting while contributing to the beautification of the Liberty Village community.

Artist Amber Williams-King working on one of their vibrant benches.

Join the Artists for a Walking-Artist-Talk on November 5 at 3:30 pm. Meet us at the corner of Jefferson and Liberty Street. Bring your own mugs and join us for hot chocolate, and an artist talk from the five commissioned SKETCH artists, as well as the opportunity to engage with fellow community members.



The artists (from left to right): Kaya DaCosta, Rowell Soller, Ezequiel Morales, Amber Williams-King and Kamika Peters.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

This project is courtesy of the generous funding from: